Monday, November 14, 2011

Accupressure Points Of Foot Depicted Pictorially

Detecting  points &  applying pressure on these points

1. Acupressure can be applied by the Thumbs,fingers,wooden or plastic devices as per the needs and facility available.

2. The applied pressure has to be medium in intensity.While doing this if unbearable pain is experienced on any point, it must be understood that the organ related to the pressure point is diseased or affected.

3. The pressure is applied by resting the thumb or finger on the pressure point and applying pressure in a clockwise circular motion.

4. When pressure is applied on the points in the hands, feet or other parts of the body the collected toxins and chemical crystals start moving slowly from there and get mixed in the blood and are either removed through perspiration or by the kidneys. Hence, after Acupressure is done it is important to apply pressure on points related to the kidneys for a minute or two

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