Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gas Problem , Acidity & Gastric Problem : Cure for Flatulence

1.     Avoid spicy foods, vinegar, black tea, chocolate etc. these are a reason for gas and acidity

2.     Take one piece of clove and chew it slowly. This is a good way to give you relief from acidity within minutes.

3.     Avoid raw vegetable salads like onion, cabbage and radish. These are acidity generating vegetables.

4.     Sleeping after meals doubles gas and acidity that increases burning and sour sensation

5.     Drink lemon water

6.     Chew 1 teaspoon of celery seeds. Don't swallow!

7.     Add "ajwain" in your atta for rotis, if u have home made food

8.     Add garlic to your meals.

9.     Dont lie down immediately after eating a heavy meal, infact do the vajra aasan - sit on your knees after a meal for a couple of minutes atleast if not 1/2 an hour.

10. Do a little bit of a walk (NOT brisk!) for a couple of minutes to 1/2 an hour for food digestion.

11. Reduce daily intake of coffee and tea. Drink enough water every day to keep you healthy.

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